Most Overused Fashion Term: Investment Piece

celine bag

I just wanted to thank everyone who’s subscribed to my blog for hanging in here with me. I haven’t posted in a while but I thought I’d get over my hiatus and write about something that’s been on my mind for a bit. Here goes…

Fashion articles are ripe with words like  trendy, in season, out of season, vintage, rocker, boho, classic, mod, gamine, sexy, flirty, girly and statement piece to name a few. But investment piece is the one term that I’m getting tired of hearing even more so than the above.

For us unlucky folks who don’t have a large bank account saving up to buy  a Celine Boston bag (pictured above), a pair of Louboutins or even a $100+ pair of Sam Edelman shoes in a neutral color isn’t a splurge; it’s an investment.

No need to feel bad about the dent in your wallet  because you’ll have this item until your  grandchildren raid your closet (it’s no question they’ll love fashion as much as you). And if you don’t want to pack it away in its original dust bag or packaging after one or two wears just use it everyday. It will practically pay for itself right?

Sigh…it’s true that some items stand the test of time and deserve you shelling out a lot of money for them.  But why does it seem like more and more magazines, style gurus and fashionistas are comfortable promoting every item that is exorbitantly expensive or in a basic black, white or navy as an investment piece? The more I hear it the more I let out a little laugh because it’s so overused and sounds like you’re purchasing stock.

Investment pieces aren’t unicorns. There is room and a price point that everyone can select to purchase an item as their investment piece. But everything that seems like you can wear it with a zillion other outfits or is expensive isn’t an investment.

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Stationery Love

The art of letter writing is not dead. Even with all the emails, text messages and iChat sessions, I still love receiving a physical birthday card, note or written letter. It shows that the sender thought enough about you to take the extra minute to buy a stamp, perfect their penmanship or take a trip to the card isle in Duane Read. There are so many beautiful stationery items to choose from just tempting you to go the extra mile.



marie antoinette card

bicycle stationery



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thank you note

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Garbage Bag Chic

black puffy coat

Coat by Michael Kors, Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Looking like trash is fashionable these days. Forget throwing your Chinese takeout scraps into a Hefty, the practical piece of plastic just got a new purpose: clothing. Don’t plan on tying yourself up in the bag on the spot (although one woman was able to make some beautiful dresses out of the bags as shown below) if you’re not extremely talented or prepared to be stared at or worse laughed at.  If you don’t want people to think you’re a fashion freak who wears anything 99 percent of the population won’t, stick to safer options. Check out any major retailer and you’re bound to find something inspired by black trash bags. Happy shopping!

rihanna wearing black dress

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New Year’s Eve Looks


Christmas is over but the fun doesn’t have to end. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and here are a couple of cute dress ideas. Have fun ringing in 2011!

Dinner Party:


gold shoes

forever 21 necklace

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red party dress

red pumps

lace tights

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Club Outfits:

forever21 drop earrings

forever21 dress

forever 21 heels

hoop earrings

forever 21 dress

forever 21 heels

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