Petite Principles

I’m often mistaken for a teenager and my round face plays a role but being  5’2″ and thin doesn’t help either. Fortunately, after being petite all my life I’ve learned how to navigate the world from my vantage point. Here are some tid bits I’ve learned that may help you. :)

The Do’s

– Do wear heels to important events like  job interviews or first dates. Heels will give you an extra boost of confidence and make you closer to eye level with taller counterparts.

– Do wear clothes that properly fit your body. Loose and baggy clothing can swallow petite women’s figures. Clothing that is the correct size and fitted to your body will reveal what is there.

– Do save money and check out the kid’s section of high-end stores for jeans and coats. Not all kid’s jeans have pictures of ponies and Barney on them. If you’re small enough to fit into a size 12, 14 or 16 , save a few dollars and relive your days  of  “back to school” shopping.

The Don’ts

– Don’t think you can eat like everyone at your table. If you’re eating with friends who are a lot larger than you (especially guys), know that your portions and theirs need not be equal. I’m not advocating for dieting but common sense says that a smaller body can survive with smaller amounts of food.

– Don’t wear overly youthful clothing on a daily basis. You might be mistaken for a child. It’s sad but true. If you’re a smaller woman and decked out in Hello Kitty and bright pink it may send the message that you just got out of school at 3′ o clock. Ration the cuteness and you’ll go a long way!

– Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural height. I  like wearing heels but I can’t wear them everyday and sometimes there’s no need. Being shorter is not necessarily a disadvantage. Put on your flats and walk proud!

Face vs. Figure

A beautiful figure may grab some men’s attention before a beautiful face. Perhaps cleavage catches their eyes or a view from behind that captivates them. But, would a “bangin” body matter if a woman had Quasimodo‘s face? There is something about striking facial features that may keep a man’s attention for the long-term. The New York Times recently mentioned that men value a woman’s facial beauty more than body when looking for a long-term relationship. Those looking for short-term relationships maybe more inclined to forgive an average, although not completely heinous, face for sexy curves.


Just looking for a roll in the sack-Body

Looking for a girlfriend- Face]

I have come to adore all 5’2” of my petite frame, but I don’t have outrageous curves. Still, there is something about me that garners attention  from men. Perhaps I have the Lolita appeal since I look much younger than my actual age on most occasions.

But, there are times when I am slightly envious of the women with in-your-face body! They can wear anything and make it look sexy. Then there is another group that seem to have the best of  both worlds with exceptional bodies and stunning faces. Some examples are:

Scarlett Johansson

Naomi Campbell

Jessica Simpson

Photos Courtesy of Google Images

Yet there is no perfect woman, face, or body. Even these women have likely struggled with self-esteem issues at some time in their lives. My advice is to love what you are blessed with and someone else will love it too. Hey, even if you don’t have DDs or a Beyonce butt, someone out there will love what you have. But the first person that should is you. Research actually shows that you don’t even need these attributes for a long-lasting relationship. Certain men like certain body types. Even though Giselle Bundchen is a Victoria’s Secret model, she has a body that may be too tall and thin for many people’s taste.

Celebrate yourself and whatever you think makes you beautiful. Dress up your face with a smile and walk with confidence and good posture. Have a great weekend everyone and I’d love to read your thoughts!