Irene Not So Mean

broken tree

For  the past weekend I was confined to my apartment  and watched trash TV like ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ and movie classics including ‘Chinatown‘. After heading out to a day trip with my boyfriend I got word that Hurricane Irene was moving up the east coast from North Carolina and Virginia and headed to New York. I wasn’t terrified but I wasn’t sure what to expect with the historic shutdown of all mass transit and residents in Lower Manhattan and areas close to the Hudson and East River given mandatory evacuation notices. Was this Hurricane Katrina II? Well…not really. Not for me anyway.

This hurricane wasn’t  a cake walk for residents in low-lying coastal regions in Maryland, Virgina and even Long Island, NY who experienced heavy flooding. But for most New Yorkers Hurricane Irene brought nothing but brisk winds and intermittent periods of moderately heavy rain. By Sunday afternoon I was strolling in Upper Manhattan with my only worry being if a speck of dirt was going to fly into my eyes. Although I did see that a large tree was taken down by strong winds probably over Saturday night (picture above).

It is better to be safe than sorry and I’m thankful my loved ones and myself are safe but I can’t help but laugh at little at the way the media hyped up the wrath of this hurricane in New York City.  Now it’s business as usual around the city with the boards being taken off of businesses’ windows and trains and buses running.  Fortunately, the Hurricane made me more in tune with my survival skills and cooled off the city now that the temperature is in the cool 70s instead of humid 80s.  Today I’ll store my stack of candles and non-perishable foods for the next natural disaster.


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