Seeing Red: Wearing Red Lipstick

My favorite color has always been red!  It symbolizes:






There is something about the color red that grabs you. It stands out it and is simply gorgeous. So many women wear red lipstick when they want to feel beautiful or sexy. It makes a statement. As a tip, women with fair skin and pink undertones should consider berry reds with blue undertones. Women with olive and yellow tones can look to warmer shades with brown or orange hues, and brown skin women often look best in deep burgundy reds. Play around and see what shades work best for you.

I thought it was time to give you guys a personal photo so here I am with my red lips. I’m a fan of lip pencil and  although the color got muted after hours of wear, I still like it. (This photo was taken on my new MacBook since my digital camera needs new batteries. Better quality photos coming soon!)



Marilyn Monroe continues to be a sex symbol and her classic red lips added to her allure.


Mac’s ruby woo or russian red could be your next staple red lipstick.


Kelly Rowland is a great example of how red lips can work on darker-skinned women.  You may have to test out different shades to see what works but there is a shade for everyone!


Red lips have been Gwen Stefani’s trademark since she was in No Doubt. Now as solo artist, mom, and fashion designer, her signature red lips remain.


Photos Courtesy of Google Images

Angelina Jolie seemed like the perfect celebrity to mention in this post because of her famous full lips. Her photo is a great example of how red lips take center stage. Minimal makeup is best to keep your pout as the main focus.

14 thoughts on “Seeing Red: Wearing Red Lipstick

  1. Red lipstick-definitely sexy.

    I’m normally a clear gloss person, but I wear red when I need a “Lady is a Vamp” moment! Tres chic!

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